What a Year of Progress for the Future of LAX
2020 has brought a changing landscape to LAX as all three major projects in the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) – the Automated People Mover (APM), Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility and Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West) – have been in heavy construction mode, taking significant strides toward a completely transformed LAX.
From the train guideway now visible across the 2.25-mile alignment to the massive ConRAC structure covering 6.3 million square feet rising from the ground, this monumental transformation is taking shape. Below are just a handful of photos showing the amazing progress from January to December of this year.
The East Central Terminal Area station in January (left) and December (right).
A view of the ITF-West parking structure and APM guideway along 96th Street in January (left) and December (right).
The APM Maintenance and Storage Facility in January (left)
and December (right).
The ConRAC site from the sky in January (left) and December (right).
Automated People Mover (APM) Construction Update
The pedestrian bridge connecting Terminal 3 to Parking Structure 3 was removed in November.

Inside the Central Terminal Area (CTA), the transformation continues with the removal of a pedestrian bridge and the advancement of guideway and station construction. Recent milestones include:

  • Removal of a pedestrian bridge linking Terminal 3 to Parking Structure 3 made room for the Terminal Vertical Core project at Terminal 3 and the pedestrian walkways that will connect it to the APM system.
  • Advancement of underground utility and foundation work at the future West CTA station.
  • Progression of station construction at the future Center CTA station. The columns that will support the circulation level are now complete and falsework has been erected. Placement of reinforcement bar for the horizontal support elements at this level are also nearing completion, with concrete placement to follow.
  • Completion of reinforcement bar installation for the guideway segment servicing the future East CTA station and the start of guideway concrete placement at this location.
  • Kicked off construction of the Traction and Power Substation with the completion of the cast-in-drilled-hole foundation piles.
  • Commencement of cast-in-drilled-hole piling for Terminal Vertical Core projects, which provide connection from the APM stations to the terminals via pedestrian bridges.
Concrete was poured for the guideway superstructure near the ITF-West station in November.

Outside the CTA, guideway construction continues to progress, with approximately 70% of guideway falsework now erected. This quarter also saw the completion of the first segment of guideway superstructure west of the future ITF-West. Recent milestones include:

  • Start of formwork stripping for the guideway segment west of the future ITF-West station. With the guideway superstructure now in place, construction of the concrete tracks can begin at this location.
  • Near-completion of 96th Street utility relocations required to clear the way for construction of the system’s last six large cast-in-drilled-hole piles.
  • Advancement of work on the concrete support structure, which will support the future ITF-East station.
The APM Maintenance and Storage Facility is progressing nicely.

The APM system's Maintenance and Storage Facility progress includes:

  • Completion of concrete placement for the at-grade track segment servicing the Maintenance and Storage Facility.
  • Continuation of interior buildout activities at the Maintenance and Storage Facility, including installation of the finished floor for the Mezzanine level, duct work and fireproofing, as work on the building shell is nearly complete.
Up Next for APM Construction
Falsework for the train guideway east of Sepulveda and south of Century will go up in 2021.

In the months to come, large cast-in-drilled-hole construction will begin on 96th Street, the beginning of the end for this phase of guideway construction. This work will proceed as a direct result of more than a year-and-a-half of major utility relocations to clear the way. Preparations will also begin to install the guiding elements for the test and storage tracks at the Maintenance and Storage Facility, as the guideway superstructure becomes an even more prominent feature of the LAX skyline.

Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) Facility Construction Update
Fuel tanks for the Quick Turn Around building were installed in
early December.

LAX ConRAC Partners completed several key milestones this fall:

  • Completion of all slab-on-grade at the Quick Turn Around building.
  • First suspended slab pours at the Quick Turn Around building.
  • First suspended slab pours at the Ready Return/Idle Storage building.
  • Start of Concrete Masonry Units at the Quick Turn Around building.
  • First roof slab pours on the Quick Turn Around building.
  • Installation of fuel tanks.
  • Achieved 1 million hours worked with no lost time incidents.
  • Completed the placement of more than 144,000 cubic yards of concrete, or just over 61% for the entire project.
Up Next for ConRAC Construction
Foundations for the Idle Storage Building will continue in the new year.

Over the next three months, noteworthy construction work taking place will include:

  • Jack and bore for electrical duct bank.
  • Level 5 suspended slab of the Ready Return building.
  • Foundations for the Idle Storage building.
  • Slab-on-grade at the Idle Storage building.
  • Exterior stair structures of the Ready Return/Idle Storage building.
  • Perimeter rooms of the Ready Return/Idle Storage and Quick Turn Around buildings.
  • Rough-in and fit-out of the Ready Return/Idle Storage and Quick Turn Around buildings.
  • Installation of final tower cranes.
Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West) Construction Update
Workers pouring the last concrete for the four-story structure on Oct. 17.

The ITF-West project celebrated the topping out of concrete in October, with the final concrete being poured on the fourth and final deck of the four-story structure. Other notable achievements include:

  • Installation of elevators, escalators, and stairs.
  • Installation of an emergency generator.
  • Building of east retaining wall.
  • Completion of building lighting.
  • Continued work on site utilities, information technology network equipment installation and interior painting and finishes.
Up Next for ITF-West Construction
Work on the exterior façade will take place over the next few months.

Key work that will take place over the next three months will include: 

  • Exterior façade.
  • Perimeter fencing.
  • Site landscaping, electrical, lighting.
  • Utilities for new 94th Street.
  • Information Technology Systems (Parking and Revenue Control System, Parking Guidance System, Communications, Security).
  • LADWP electrical equipment.
  • Begin start-up and commissioning.
Board of Airport Commissioners Approves Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Extension
Click on the image above to watch a video about the PLA.

On Nov. 19, the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved a 10-year extension to the Project Labor Agreement (PLA), ensuring that the PLA will be in place continuously for more than 30 years to maintain labor relations policies and procedures for construction contractors and craft employees engaged on all of LAX’s capital projects.


Read the full release here.

Los Angeles World Airports' (LAWA) Commitment to Inclusivity and the Local Community
The LAMP projects are focused on creating opportunities for the local work force and various business enterprises. 

With every project we build, LAWA challenges our contractor teams to deliver benefits for local workers and small, diverse businesses. Because our contractors continue to strive to meet the challenge, LAWA is proud of our partnerships and of the positive difference our projects are making for the local economy.


APM Project

The LINXS Inclusivity team has had a busy quarter providing supportive services to the business community as well as career and development opportunities for the local workforce and community-at-large.


There are nearly 170 certified small, local, and disabled veteran-owned firms working on the Automated People Mover, with over $100 million of work being performed by firms based in LA County alone. Additionally, there are 32 certified small businesses helping to design the APM, and 125 small construction firms helping to build this transformative infrastructure.


Initiatives aimed at the business community include the launch of case management services for certified firms, three small business workshops through the LINXS Training Institute of LA and participation in the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce’s four-week certification program for Certified Small Business Enterprises (SBE). Additionally, LINXS supported the US Veterans Business Alliance All-Hands Meeting and the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) – Southern California Chapter’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.


Initiatives aimed at development of the local workforce and community-at-large include the offering of consultations to workers at the new APM Education & Opportunity Center; a free workshop on cash management for employees presented by the LINXS Training Institute of LA; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career awareness presentations for the 6th-8th grade students at John Sutter Middle School and LINXS’ 3rd Annual Youth Engagement Summit, where LINXS team members and students came together to explore possible career pathways within the context of the APM.

ConRAC Project

LAXCP continues to make significant strides to create opportunities for the local community as well as small- and local-owned businesses.


There are over 120 certified construction contractors helping to build the ConRac, with $60 million thus far paid to certified small businesses, $90 million paid to certified local firms, and over $20 million paid to LSBE and DVBE firms respectively.


LAXCP outreach activities included participation in the HireLAX Aviation Career Day with more than 500 K-12 students as well as hosting a Best Value Procurement to XBE firms as part of their commitment to capacity building.


LAXCP looks forward to creating more opportunities as the project progresses next year.

LAMP Local Hire/Business Spotlight
Marquiese Reed (left); Daniel Fergoso (right).

Marquiese Reed is a Third-Period Carpenter Apprentice (Local 562) who came to the APM project through the HireLAX Apprenticeship Readiness Program. A former athlete and personal trainer, Marquiese was looking for new opportunities to support his growing family when he learned about the HireLAX program through a friend who had just graduated. Less than a month later, Marquiese started the HireLAX program, which provided him a comprehensive introduction to the construction trades while he built his skillset and professional network. When Marquiese was interviewed by LINXS Constructors and later selected for an apprenticeship position on the APM, he was excited about the opportunity because of its complexity and local impact.  When asked if he would use the APM once it is complete, Marquiese answered “Most definitely! I’d ride it just because. I’ll bring my friends to ride it with me just so that I can tell them that I built it.”


Culver City native Daniel Fergoso comes from a family of construction workers, and planned to follow in his family’s footsteps since childhood. But dashing those hopes, Daniel made a wrong turn in his youth that resulted in a long prison sentence. Fortunately, a friend who participated in the HireLAX program recommended that Daniel apply. Now, HireLAX graduate Daniel works as a Laborer First-Period Apprentice with PG Cutting Services, part of the ConRAC facility construction project team. Today, Daniel’s plans bloomed with plans to one day own his own small business construction company.

Construction Time-Lapse
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