Heavy Construction Continues on the Transformation of LAX
The second quarter of 2021 has been filled with heavy construction on the future of LAX. Inside the LAX Central Terminal Area (CTA) and along the 2.25-mile elevated Automated People Mover (APM) train guideway to the Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility, construction is progressing of every aspect of the $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP).

The APM train guideway is over 60 percent complete, more than doubling where it stood in March. All 183 of the guideway support columns have been placed, while 13 pedestrian walkway support columns are all that remain for that vertical work. Station construction is in full swing at the Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West) and East CTA stations, while construction of the first of six pedestrian bridges over World Way began in June. In Pittsburgh, assembly of train cars continues, as Alstom works on train cars No. 9 and 10. Static and dynamic testing of the cars is also underway.

At the Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility site, concrete pours for the three main buildings Ready/Return, Idle Storage and Quick Turn Around is nearly complete, with the official topping off taking place in early July.

The ITF-West is charging toward the finish line as the approximately 4,300 stall parking structure gears up to open to the public later this summer. The facility will become the first component of LAX's Landside Access Modernization Program to be completed and open to the public.
In addition to creating a new front door to LAX, these projects continue to lift up the lives of the people who are building them, including Caleb Duran, a third-period pile driver apprentice working on the APM, and Livia Pinheiro, a first-period apprentice at the ConRAC site. Learn more about them below.
Automated People Mover (APM) Construction Update
An aerial view of APM construction from the old control tower.
Guideway construction as it approaches Sepulveda Boulevard (left) and Center CTA station (right).
The steel structure for the future pedestrian bridge that will connect Terminal 4.5 to the future West CTA station (left); construction of a new parking structure that will be under the West CTA station.

Inside the LAX CTA, significant progress at the Automated People Mover (APM) stations is now visible. Recent milestones include:

  • Concrete pours for the guideway superstructure servicing the future East CTA station were completed and falsework was removed, facilitating the start of station steel erection in early June
  • At the future Center CTA station, guideway construction continues to progress as the concrete support elements for the station circulation and platform levels are now complete
  • At the future West CTA station, construction of a new parking structure that sits between Parking Structures 3 and 4 got underway

In June, the first steel structure that will form a pedestrian bridge was placed over World Way. Following the completion of structural steel, a suspended scaffolding system was installed to facilitate further construction activities. Once complete, the bridge will connect the Terminal 4.5 vertical core to the future West CTA station.

Construction of the train guideway as it connects to the ConRAC facility (left); a view of 96th Street where installation of falsework to build the guideway will soon begin (right).
A view of station steel and guideway tracks at the ITF-West station.

Outside the CTA, large portions of the guideway superstructure are finished with near completion planned in the coming months. Station construction is most advanced at the ITF-West as work on the concrete tracks has started. Recent milestones include:

  • Guideway superstructure construction for the segment east of Sepulveda and south of Century Boulevard is nearly complete, and work to connect the two sides over the roadway will take place later this summer
  • Station steel has been erected at the future ITF-West station and work has begun on the circulation level floor
  • The interface where the APM will enter the future Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility is progressing, with erection of steel and the station canopy in place
  • Near the future ITF-West station, construction activities for the concrete train tracks on the elevated guideway have begun

The final APM guideway columns are now complete on 96th Street from Airport Boulevard to Bellanca Avenue. Falsework erection will soon begin along the roadway in this area.

An aerial view of the Maintenance and Storage Facility.
The maintenance and service building, along with train tracks (left); the train car wash (right).

Recent achievements at the APM system's Maintenance and Storage Facility include:

  • Construction of much of the guideway superstructure segments which will service the future Maintenance and Storage Facility is nearly complete. Falsework erection has begun for the portion that will mark the transition from elevated to at-grade
  • The system's first guide rails and switches have been installed for the at-grade portions of track
Up Next for APM Construction
Construction of the guideway over Century Boulevard will begin later this summer, connecting the two sides over the roadway.

In the coming months, work will begin on the portion of guideway that will span Century Boulevard using a cast-in-place segmental construction technique that eliminates the need for falsework. Guideway superstructure construction will commence inside the Sepulveda loops at the entry and exit to LAX and on 96th Street east of the Maintenance and Storage facility to Bellanca Avenue. Station steel construction activities will begin at the future ITF-East station and preparations will start for street widening work on Century Boulevard.

Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) Facility Construction Update
The Ready Return building and the Automated People Mover train guideway.
Escalators (left) and canopies for the Customer Service areas (right) on the roof of the Ready Return building.
A car wash bay in the Quick Turn Around building (left); a view of the exterior façade at the Quick Turn Around building (right).
The Automated People Mover station canopy on the roof of the Ready Return building.

Progress continued to move quickly at the construction site of the ConRAC facility with several key milestones taking place this spring including:

  • Removal of all tower cranes from the Ready Return building
  • Completion of slab-on-grades and start of suspended slabs for the Idle Storage building
  • Completion of storm water retention basins
  • Installation of the ConRAC Automated People Mover station canopy structural steel
  • Start of structural steel for the Customer Service buildings on top level of the Ready Return building
  • Installation of the Ready Return/Idle Storage building escalator trusses
  • Start of installation for the 48-inch Century trunk line 
  • Start of work on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power duct bank on Arbor Vitae Street
Up Next for ConRAC Construction
The concrete batch plant will be decommissioned in the coming months now that the major concrete work is complete.
Glass inserts, which will be installed on the APM station walls (left), and work to build ramps will take place (right) over the next few months.
Work to install ramps that will connect the Idle Storage building to the Quick Turn Around building will begin later this summer.

Some of anticipated highlights for LAX ConRAC Partners this summer include:

  • Completion of suspended slabs on the Idle Storage building
  • Removal of the remaining tower cranes
  • Decommissioning of the on-site concrete batch plant
  • Ongoing road work on Arbor Vitae Street, La Cienega Boulevard and the future extension of Concourse Way
  • Continued installation of exterior stair structures on the Ready Return/Idle Storage building
  • Continued installation of façade coverings on the Ready Return/Idle Storage buildings
  • Ongoing construction of speed ramps for the Ready Return/Idle Storage building
  • Continued installation of elevators and escalators
Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West) Construction Update
A view of the overhead lighting and stairs inside the ITF-West (left); a view of one of the bathrooms after completion of tile work (right).
Pavers were installed on the ground floor (left); interior painting for parking spots and wayfinding within the structure continued (right).
The fire road on the south side of the building was completed.

LAX is getting ready to open the ITF-West project to the public later this summer. Recent work included:

  • Finishing touches, such as exterior façade installation, painting and pavement markings, and placement of pavers on ground floor
  • Smart Parking system installation
  • Roadway utilities (water, storm drain)
  • Energizing the building with permanent power, and installing an emergency generator
An aerial view of the ITF-West and APM guideway.
Up Next for ITF-West Construction

With opening later this summer, the to-do list is getting shorter. Remaining work includes:

  • Equipment start-up, testing, and commissioning
  • Installation of pet relief area
  • Curbs, sidewalks and asphalt paving
  • Installation of signs
Los Angeles World Airports' (LAWA) Commitment to Inclusivity and the Local Community

With every project we build, LAWA challenges our contractor teams to deliver benefits for local workers and small, diverse businesses. Because our contractors continue to strive to meet the challenge, LAWA is proud of our partnerships and of the positive difference our projects are making for the local economy.

The APM Project
The LINXS Constructors team continued to execute on the APM project's Inclusivity commitments, supporting a diverse group of local organizations that serve the community while working to subcontract with local businesses and engage local workers interested in job opportunities.

Outreach activities aimed at local and small businesses and certified firms included partnering with the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce on their Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Contracting Leads Networking Group, as well as workshops on recruiting and maintaining teams, project closeout and doing business during COVID-19 for the LINXS Training Institute of LA.

Currently there more than 200 certified firms contracted on the APM project for design and construction, including Small Business Enterprise, Local Business Enterprise, Local Small Business Enterprise and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise firms.

As of May 28, there were 999 local workers on the APM project, representing a head count of 30.61% and hours worked at 36.99%. Among the efforts that supported the local hire initiative were partnerships with HireLAX, SBWIB, Career Expansion, My Brother's Keeper, BOOTS, Flintridge Center, Chapter Two, Miguel Contreras Foundation, LATTC, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Helmets to Hardhats, CRCD, and the Construction and Utilities Pathway Program, as well as Construction Career Orientations and Pathway Planning Presentations to the local community. Included in these presentations were seminars and workshops from LINXS Constructors and its subcontractors, 2nd Call and Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles.

Engaging local youth in the exploration of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is also a key component of the Project's investment into the local community. As of June 15, LINXS Constructors had participated in 172 outreach events and awarded more than 215 scholarships totaling nearly $235,000 in value. Recent outreach events include the S.T.E.A.M. Expo for the National College Resources Foundation's virtual Empowerment Weekend and the Girls Academic Leadership Academy's (GALA) Senior Awards Ceremony where LINXS awarded 10 scholarships to deserving college-bound students.

ConRAC Project
LAX ConRAC Partners (LAXCP) joins LAWA in its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Over the last quarter LAXCP's Inclusivity team made presentations at the HireLAX Career Expansions and the Flintridge Center apprenticeship-readiness programs. At these presentations, a ConRAC Inclusivity representative met with students participating in the eight-week program geared for those interested in construction careers. During the visit to the Career Expansions group, ConRAC and PCL Construction Services, Inc. Workforce Development Coordinator Myllex Guadamuz made a major impact on the students in his presentation about the skills necessary to succeed in a new construction career including discipline, communication as well as healthy eating and sleeping.

Two students at the top of their class, Tommy Mims, an Angeleno residing just 10 miles from LAX, and Brandon Castaneda, were introduced to Myllex. After a meaningful conversation to understand their trade selections Myllex set up appointments with each that resulted in sponsorship for both Tommy and Brandon. Tommy, transitioning from someone formerly incarcerated to a laborer, now works for Blois Construction. Brandon now works as a carpenter sponsored by Expansion Specialties.

The LAXCP's Inclusivity team looks forward to creating the opportunities that lead to careers by continuing to support the local workforce, our diverse local and small businesses, and the local economy.

LAMP Local Hire/Business Spotlight
Caleb Duran (left) is with the APM project; Livia Pinheiro (right) works on the ConRAC project.

Local Hire Spotlight - APM Project
Caleb Duran is a third-period pile driver apprentice (Local 562) working on the APM project. This is Caleb's second infrastructure project, having previously worked on a major transportation center modernization project in downtown Los Angeles, where he worked with a foreman who later invited him to join the crew working on the APM. Before working in construction, Caleb was in warehousing. Caleb was inspired by the career his father-in-law had built while working as a pile driver. He loves the challenging nature of his work and possesses a palpable competitive streak that continuously pushes him to do better. Caleb dreams of buying a home for his growing family, and through his efforts, will be able to achieve his dream in the very near future in the city that he loves and has lived his entire life.

Local Hire Spotlight - ConRAC Project
Failure is no longer an option for Livia Pinheiro, who went on a transformative journey from incarceration to union apprenticeship. She grew up in Inglewood and attended Inglewood High School before ending up serving an almost 12-year sentence in state prison. However, while incarcerated, Livia heard about programs that could help turn her life around. Upon returning home, her participation in the A New Way of Life program led her to the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) pre-apprentice Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) program. Livia now works for Pan-Pacific Mechanical as a United Association Plumbers Local 78 first-period apprentice on the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility construction project. Livia looks forward to a professional career in construction and to, one day, give back by volunteering with programs like those that gave her a second chance.

Construction Time-Lapse
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