Economy Parking Prepares for Debut, While Major Construction Continues on the People Mover and Rental Car Facility
The last three months have been incredibly busy for construction of LAX's $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP). The ever-changing landscape offers a preview of a reimagined airport that will provide a world-class experience to the tens of millions of travelers flying into and out of LAX.
The Automated People Mover's (APM) 2.25-mile elevated guideway is now approximately 75 percent complete, while station construction is underway and work to connect the guideway over major roadways has begun.
At the Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) facility, less than one percent of concrete is left to be poured on what will become the largest facility of its kind once completed. September saw the project hit the three million work hour mark tallied on the project.
In October, the first completed piece of LAX's landside modernization will open to the public as the Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West), which will be known as LAX Economy Parking, makes its debut. This new facility will provide approximately 4,300 new parking stalls for the airport. 
All of this progress would not be possible without craft workers like Yesenia Lopez and Ronzette Taylor, who have contributed significantly to the future of LAX. Read more about their stories below.
Automated People Mover (APM) Construction Update
A view of completed structural steel at the future East Central Terminal Area APM station.
A view of the completed guideway section as it curves around the iconic Theme Building (left); construction of the pedestrian bridge that was placed in June at Terminal 4.5 continued (right).
A pedestrian bridge structure over World Way that will connect Terminal 2 to an APM station was placed in September.

Inside the Central Terminal Area (CTA), LAX continues its transformation with several construction achievements on the APM train system, including:

  • At the West CTA station, crews completed the concrete decking at level three of the future four-story parking garage located adjacent to the station. Work also continued on the columns for the pedestrian walkways that will connect to Terminals 3 and 4.
  • In mid-September, steel for the second pedestrian bridge in the CTA was placed at Terminal 2. The bridge will connect to the future Center CTA station. Construction on the bridge will continue in the coming months with the installation of the exterior panels and glass.
  • Structural steel supporting the concourse level and the station canopy were completed at the East Central Terminal Area station, while the first concrete pours were completed for the concourse and platform level.
  • This quarter, structural steel supporting the guideway was removed along various segments in the CTA revealing the exposed concrete guideway that curves around the iconic Theme Building.
  • Construction continued on the first pedestrian bridge placed in June at Terminal 4.5.
Work to connect the two sides of train APM guideway over Century Boulevard began in September.
Guideway falsework is now in place along 96th Street as preparations for future concrete pours are underway (left); a view of the ITF-East station steel above Aviation Boulevard (right).
An aerial view of the Maintenance and Storage Facility.

Outside the CTA, segmental construction is underway over Century Boulevard. The guideway superstructure to the east and west of Sepulveda Boulevard is being prepared for segmental construction over that roadway in the coming months. Station construction also began at the ITF-East station during the third quarter of 2021. Recent milestones include:

  • Significantly, the formwork used to construct the guideway segment spanning Century Boulevard, is in place. This formwork allowa construction to continue over the roadway, a main thoroughfare to access LAX, with minimal traffic impacts. Following the completion of this span, the traveler forms will be used to construct the guideway crossing over Sepulveda Boulevard.
  • The falsework supporting the guideway segment along 96th Street between the Maintenance and Storage Facility and Bellanca Avenue is now in place. The placement of rebar is now underway at various stages throughout the guideway segments connecting Century Boulevard to the future Consolidated-Rent-A-Car Facility. The aerial work includes plinth construction, which is what the train rides on atop the guideway, on completed sections of the guideway.
  • The first steel was placed at the ITF-East station in mid-August. Since that time, construction has continued over Aviation Boulevard, including the pouring of concrete for the concourse level. At completion, the station will provide a connection to the Airport Metro Connector station and for travelers to continue their journey on the LA Metro regional transportation system.
  • At the ITF-West station, which is the furthest along of all stations being constructed, concrete was poured for the concourse level.
  • Work continued at the Maintenance and Storage Facility on the train tracks and building exterior and interior. Significantly, the facility’s storefront was completed.
Up Next for APM Construction
An aerial view of Sepulveda Boulevard, where APM guideway construction over the roadway will commence later this year.

Using the cast-in-place segmental technique, guideway construction will continue over Century Boulevard and will begin on the guideway segment between West Way and Parking Structure 2B, and over Sepulveda Boulevard. Crews will continue working on installing reinforcing steel bars for the guideway along 96th Street and pouring concrete for these spans. Collectively, once completed, these segments will connect the 2.25-mile guideway from the future West CTA station to the ConRAC facility.


Between guideway segments, construction at each of the stations will continue to progress, including the start of station construction at the Center CTA station. With the start of station construction there, construction will officially be underway at all six stations.


In the coming months, the APM team will continue to prepare the Maintenance and Storage Facility to receive the first train cars and the maintenance vehicle that will help service them.

Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) Facility Construction Update
The ConRAC station canopy was completed this quarter, while large planters with seating were installed on the roof of the Ready Return building.
Construction of ramps to connect the Ready Return/Idle Storage building to the Quick Turn Around building began (left); solar panel installation continued on the Ready Return/Idle Storage building (right).
Construction of speed ramps on the south side of the Ready Return/Idle storage building is underway.

LAX ConRAC Partners continue to make significant progress at the construction site of the future ConRAC facility. Some summer highlights include:

  • Removal of the remaining tower cranes
  • Completion of suspended slabs for the Idle Storage building
  • Installation of the ConRAC Automated People Mover station canopy
  • Structural steel installation for the Customer Service buildings on the top level of the Ready Return building
  • Installation of the Ready Return/Ideal Storage building escalator trusses
  • Completion of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power duct bank on Arbor Vitae Street
  • Decommissioning of the concrete batch plant
  • Start of construction for ramps connecting the Ready Return/Idle Storage building to the Quick Turn Around building
  • Continued installation of solar panels on the exterior of the Ready Return/Idle Storage building
Up Next for ConRAC Construction
An aerial view of the ConRAC facility showing the under-construction Customer Service area on the roof of the Ready Return/Idle Storage building.

This fall, key elements to keep an eye on at the project site include:

  • Ongoing civil and road work on Arbor Vitae Street, La Cienega Boulevard and the future extension of Concourse Way
  • Expected completion of the north and south speed ramps on the Ready Return/Idle Storage building and ongoing construction of the ramps connecting the Ready Return/Idle Storage building to the Quick Turn Around building
  • Continued exterior stair structure installation for the Ready Return/Idle Storage building
  • Ongoing construction of the Customer Service buildings on the top level of the Ready Return building
  • Additional installation of façade coverings on the Ready Return/Idle Storage buildings
  • Continued installation of elevators and escalators
  • Further interior fit out of the Ready Ready/Idle Storage and Quick Turn Around buildings
Intermodal Transportation Facility-West (ITF-West) Construction Update
The facility sits at the corner of 94th Street and Jetway Boulevard.
The southwest corner of the building, which will house the LAWA Security & Badging Office in the future (left). A view of several electric vehicle chargers within the facility (right).

Over the past quarter, finishing work and commissioning of the facility was the primary focus for the project team as final preparations continued to open the structure to the public. This work included:

  • Completion of painting and pavement markings, and placement of pavers on ground floor
  • Smart Parking system installation and testing
  • Installation of a pet relief area
  • Installation of parking payment machines
  • Lighting and landscaping on 94th Street 
  • Punch list work in preparation for turnover to LAWA
The Meet & Greet area where passengers will catch the shuttle to the LAX Central Terminal Area. 
Up Next for ITF-West - The Return of Economy Parking to LAX

After breaking ground in July 2019, the facility, which will be known as LAX Economy Parking and will become a ground transportation hub when the APM is online, will open to the public in mid-October, offering travelers a state-of-the-art smart parking experience at LAX. 

Los Angeles World Airports' (LAWA) Commitment to Inclusivity and the Local Community
With every project we build, LAWA challenges our contractor teams to deliver benefits for local workers and small, diverse businesses. Because our contractors continue to strive to meet the challenge, LAWA is proud of our partnerships and of the positive difference our projects are making for the local economy.
LAMP Local Hire Spotlight
Yesenia Lopez (left) works on the APM project; Ronzette Taylor (right) works on the ConRAC project.

APM Project

Yesenia Lopez is a first-period carpenter apprentice (Local 661) working on the APM project. Following in the footsteps of her brother, who is also a union carpenter, Yesenia entered the construction trades after working for several years operating loaders at a vehicle auction yard and deciding to try something new. The APM is her first construction project, and she enjoys the camaraderie on the jobsite. Confident in her transition, Yesenia finds that the hands-on nature of the work appeals to her personality and allows her to utilize the construction skills her father taught her from a very young age. When asked what it is like to be a woman working in a male-dominated industry, Yesenia did not hesitate. “My teammates have been very helpful and are always willing to teach me new things,” said Yesenia. “Being a woman has not been a barrier.” Yesenia’s superintendent noted that even though she is only a first-period apprentice, she has already demonstrated the talent, mastery of skill and willingness to learn needed to advance.

ConRAC Project

Now an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11 first-period apprentice, South Central Los Angeles native Ronzette Taylor knows firsthand the importance of having a support system. As an adult, Ronzette went from experiencing homelessness to a career in construction working for Morrow-Meadows Corporation on the ConRAC facility project. There is no doubt for Ronzette that both the HireLAX and 2nd Call programs saved her life. Ronzette plans to work her way up to becoming a superintendent, allowing her to one day own a home and become an adoptive parent. Ronzette loves being a woman in construction and looks forward to paying it forward by inspiring others on their journey. 

Inclusivity Update

APM Project

Through outreach initiatives focused on local workforce development, youth engagement and the certified firm community, the LINXS APM Inclusivity team continues to support the economic development of Los Angeles. This quarter, the team continued to build on their strategic partnerships with the local community through hosting virtual outreach events, holding regular seminars and providing scholarships.


Among the outreach efforts developed for certified firms this quarter, the LINXS Inclusivity team held workshops focused on Leveraging Relationships, Change Order Management and Construction Cost Escalation and Trends. LINXS Constructors' Certified Firm team continued to partner with the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Enterprise Contracting Leads and Networking Group and provided interested certified firms with training related to team management, project closeout and business acumen for operating during the pandemic.


A critical component of APM Inclusivity commitments includes local youth engagement and providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focused presentations. As of August 2021, the LINXS Inclusivity Team has participated in 576 community events and given more than 240 scholarships totaling over $275,000. Recent outreach initiatives included: National College Resource Foundation's (NCRF) virtual Empowerment Weekend Expo, EXP and Compton Unified School District LINXS Externship Program, GLAAACC Education Fund Scholarship Reception, NCRF Latino College Expo and summer presentations to students at Vermont/Slauson Economic Development Center Summer Bootcamp, LA Conservation Corps, Girls Leadership Academy, DIY Girls and the Los Angeles Urban League's graduation ceremony.


The LINXS Inclusivity team also worked with the construction team to meet the 30% local hiring target. As of August 2021, the APM project employed 1,174 locals, representing a headcount of 30% and hours worked at approximately 37%. Workforce Development Initiatives included partnerships with the Juneteenth Heritage festival, Kaiser Watts Construction Career Fair, Inglewood Basketball Entertainment Center Construction Career Fair, HireLAX, My Brother's Keeper and LINXS Training Institute of LA.


Next month, LINXS will begin the fourth cohort of the LINXS Mentor Protégé Program. The purpose of the Mentor Protégé Program is to help certified firms grow their business by pairing them with mentors who can provide valuable one-on-one training over the course of a six-month period. This program is a part of the LINXS Training Institute of LA, an eight-track program overseen by the LINXS Constructors Inclusivity Team designed to engage and train certified businesses, community representatives, local workers, disadvantaged workers, underrepresented workers, youth and college faculty. Subcontractors interested in participating can email

ConRAC Project

This July and August, the Southern California Chapter of the National Association of Minority Architects (SoCal NOMA) hosted its annual Project Pipeline Architectural Summer Camp program designed to recruit youth ages 10 to 17 into the built environment and architectural profession, and several members of the ConRAC project team had a hand in the success of the program.


The camp introduced youth to careers in the architecture and design professions during a four-week program held on Saturdays. Participants of varying skill levels and interests got to experience hands-on architectural design and engineering techniques that included sketching, drawing, model making and tours.


Due to the pandemic and to ensure public health for everyone, SoCal NOMA developed the program into live virtual workshops and activities, including simulated walking tours. Special information packets contained essential material students needed to complete their assignments during the course of the reimagined virtual summer camp. ConRACians helped assemble those vital assignment packets. They were also on hand to help with the distribution of packets on pick-up day at East Los Angeles Community College. 


Volunteering for the SoCal NOMA program gave ConRAC team members the unique opportunity to “give back” to the community while also supporting those who have been historically underrepresented in the field of architecture and various allied design/build professions.

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